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Achieve the family life, relationships and personal success you’ve always wanted

Facilitating Transformation: from the inside-out

With expert guidance from Principled Wellbeing you can start to live with greater ease. Find solutions, happiness and peace of mind within yourself – and simply.

Life is often labelled a struggle and for most of us certain factors can appear to control our experiences. We create a list of  ‘inevitable’ causes to explain a whole host of our life’s problems -our past, character, temperament, personality traits, genes… apparently endless.

But what if you could call off the struggle through gaining a new understanding and eradicate those familiar barriers to fulfillment?  What if you could set yourself free to enjoy life without the usual suspects of stress, doubt and fear, an over-worked mind or a restricting lack of confidence? What if you don’t have to learn new techniques or practise new strategies?

Well … you can with Facilitating Transformation: Programmes and individual sessions to help you

  • Parenting Solutions – when you are concerned about your child or your relationship with your child and you want to support, reconnect and re-establish harmony and wellbeing in your home
  • Personal Development – when you feel held back and want to achieve more,  feel anxious or worried for known or unknown reasons, suspect that it is possible to break out of old habits but don’t know how
  • Transforming Relationships – when you want to recover the love that you feel is getting lost, rediscover the passion and freedom of new love within your current relationship, find a lasting and loving relationship

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Facilitating Transformation is based on the three principles of Innate Health as first discovered by Sydney Banks – here is a three-part video where Sue describes her own introduction, her understanding and the difference it made personally and professionally


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Sue provides a thoroughly thoughtful perspective in dealing with life’s trials and tribulations by means of the Three Principles. The approach is compassionate, understanding and revolves around each individual’s ability to understand their feelings are purely a function of their thoughts. A person’s success in coming to terms with their adversity will be dependent upon how rapidly they can process this concept. Sue has an innate ability to facilitate the idea and to that effect I am trul…

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