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  0J9A2543  Sue Pankiewicz                                                                                                                            I trained as a senior school teacher in 1994 and moved into alternative education provision as Head of Dept and Senior teacher for pupils with moderate to severe social and emotional difficulties in 2001. In 2004 I attended an introductory course led by the late Dr. Roger Mills where I learned about an approach known as the Three Principles which explain how human psychology ‘works’ and in an instant knew that what I was discovering was going to profoundly change my life and that its simplicity held the potential for anyone and everyone to benefit. I continued to work with disaffected young people whilst deepening my own understanding of innate psychological health. I learned a great deal about how these troubled young people viewed the world and accounted for their problems. With few exceptions I saw how a volatile and distressed young person could change to a responsive, curious and amenable individual with simply a change in their state of mind. Changes  in their external circumstances were not necessary for them to access their innate capacity for common sense, sound judgement, hopefulness and resourcefulness. When they began to see this themselves they experienced a shift in understanding of their own habitual thought processes and the crucial link with their emotions. My focus was to facilitate a growth in understanding and an increase in realisation by encouraging them to consider the relationship they had with their thoughts and feelings by teaching them the principles.

During this time I continued to deepen my own understanding with trainings in London and Canada, where I had the privilege to meet and learn from Sydney Banks, originator of Three Principles understanding, and many other lead practitioners in this field. In September 2007 I started running courses for individuals and groups within public, education and business settings. In 2010 I created Principled Wellbeing and specialise in supporting parents with any concerns they have about their children, couples wishing to revive and save their relationships and individuals who long to break free of restricting, overly busy and negative mindsets.

Sharing the Principles can lead to extraordinary transformations as well as more subtle but still profound shifts. Working alone as well as in partnership with other facilitators, introducing others to this simple understanding, is both a privilege and a joy.

What are the Principles? – Sue Pankiewicz Part 1  A short extract of Sue talking about the Principles




Sue provides a thoroughly thoughtful perspective in dealing with life’s trials and tribulations by means of the Three Principles. The approach is compassionate, understanding and revolves around each individual’s ability to understand their feelings are purely a function of their thoughts. A person’s success in coming to terms with their adversity will be dependent upon how rapidly they can process this concept. Sue has an innate ability to facilitate the idea and to that effect I am trul…

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