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Facilitating Transformation:

Solutions for Parents,Teenagers and Children

Welcome to a new paradigm for parenting and family life where you can reach the solutions and answers you need, with more understanding and less effort without having to learn any new techniques, digging into your own history and past experiences or changing your teenager for a different model. As a parent  you can frequently feel like an unwilling visitor at a fairground of emotions: caught on a merry-go-round, up and down on a see-saw, out of control on a helter-skelter. My aim is to share an understanding of how you can move out of chaos into clarity.

Children, like us, do the best they can when dealing with the day-to-day circumstances of their lives. Occasionally, they need some help along the way and whether it’s a long-term issue or a brand new one you want to find a way to help them. Beyond behaviour management techniques, analysis and therapy there is a simple way. So, whatever you are struggling with, however serious or chaotic it appears, the simplicity of this  approach may surprise you. You are promised a calm, relaxed experience, tailored to you and your child’s needs, interests and concerns as you take this opportunity to explore new possibilities for finding solutions.

Our defining commitment is to: 

  • guide you and your child towards lasting changes
  • a quieter and more peaceful mind
  • easier and more loving relationships
  • an understanding that will serve you well in any situation and circumstance   

You will not be faced with a set of techniques or strategies to learn and practise and neither will you be required to delve into the past.

This is not another course offering six steps to parenting,  new skills to learn or techniques to remember and it certainly is not a one-size fits all advice or training centre. If you want results that are sustainable, effortless and uniquely suited to you and your family please contact me today to discuss what is possible.

There is no charge for an initial discussion and when you sign up you will receive a free introductory guide

So if you are tired of trying harder for a peaceful family life and have tried every technique you know, if your child seems out of reach and the situation feels impossible or hopeless, find help here –

 I offer 1:1 with individual family members and/or whole family group programmes, Courses for groups of Parents and all with Skype and email support.










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