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My Poems

All at Sea

The last time we set off all adrift,

All at sea

And pummeled each other in the troughs,

Between the waves that tossed us so


Indifferent to our struggle to breathe

In our rage

The sky changed colours

The birds changed course

The sun fell

And the moon’s cool impartial gaze unnoticed

Graced our growing weariness

Who knows the moment of our saving?

The shift so slight that delivered us to shore

To stand so gently hand in hand
 with the seaweed washed from our eyes
 and the limp wet strands from our ears? 

When we closed our mouths against the tide of our own thoughts

Our innocence was remembered to us

Gratitude arose within us

We came back





No not that

Or this


Not the birds

Not the trees

Not the whirring of machines

Not your breath or heartbeat


Let it go

Let it rest

Behind the silence


Feelings you can’t name

Listen for no one and no thing

Give up yourself

This world you know

Sadness and sorrow



Desire and duty

Names and numbers


Can you hear it?

Something Sweet?

Let it go

Only listen

 When thoughts dissolve

There’s no sound
 like it


Off the Ropes

Off the Ropes


I’ve been wrestling with you for a while

My thought companions

If I didn’t know better

I’d think you were fighting back


If I didn’t know better

I’d think you were real


So after this round I may give in

I may give up

I may slip away –

If you turn your back

For a second


You can’t choke the life in me

Stifle the joy in me

Sidestep, swipe and suppress

Every ounce of freedom in me

– Without me


I’m talking to me

There’s no sense in it

Fighting with me

There’s no blessing in it

I’m making both of us up

The you and the me

Off the Ropes 

And now our match is over

No losers, scars or wounds

A letting go of trying

A loosening of grip

Off the ropes and peace at last





I am in pieces and the sun that warms the water seeping up through me

Is cooled by the breeze that plays in the spaces

I have longed for so long, within a dream made real,

To leave

But an idea cannot remove itself,

a thought cannot un-think itself


But life is happening and here are my pieces set free

And it’s not what’s left over from something that was whole,

It’s not about loss and

I am not broken, disappeared or disappointed

It’s just that I appear to have left

To have simply ceased to be

As I believed I never really was

So who I am and what I do are no longer questions seeking for answers where there are none










You sit in the gloom and wonder how you arrived

At this small dark place

You visited before and vowed not to return

The bars at the window, the reinforced door

The bed that you lie on that will never be home

You cover, recover and cover old ground, the stories of your life tapped out

In rhythmic repetition by a familiar key you don’t recognise but fits well in your hand

Over and over the thoughts go around and the feelings, the feelings, the hard tight painful feelings consume you on and on and on in the gloom



The touch of a heartbeat

The whisper of an almost silent sigh

Who is it that hears? Whose attention is drawn for a moment into a ray of life

That lights up, that warms up, that frees up your mind?

It is not who you think you are that hears, that invites the key into the lock that opens the door that no longer exists.

Be still and listen, only listen, for now and here is your everlasting moment unfolding, unfolding

And you wouldn’t want to miss it.



A Last Thought?

Never a Last Thought


There is never a last thought

You can bet your life on another and another arriving

So no need to clutch onto one that hurts,

That ties you up in knots

That takes you into deep and dangerous depths

That sucks the life out of you


There’s never a thought without its feeling

You can lose your life on it

The stomach churning, fire burning, dizzy disconnected

Physical experience of your own thinking

No need to act on it

There’s going to be another thought along quite soon


There’s a crazy connection

Between thinking and feeling

You create your life with it

From the inside out

Who’d have believed it?

Lightly Be

Lightly Be


One day you jump higher for no reason

perhaps the brush of a breeze encourages you

and maybe you feel lighter

Dazzled by the view of a familiar landscape yet long forgotten

The deepest joy to know it is still there

Beyond the self made plans and busy dealings of the day

The trauma, trivia and recurring themes of your thought-full day dreams

The land lies unfurrowed, virgin pure and crystal clear

Will you walk again through the landlocked tangled paths you made yourself?

Forgetting the vast horizon just over there

Or might you take yourself lightly enough to rise again for just another glimpse

And realise at last how easy it is done.

Thousands of Thoughts

Every day thousands of thoughts are born in you

They flow through your mind, without ever stopping or running out

They can drift and meander gently, roar through, get stuck, build up, crash into and contradict each other, punish and torment you, amuse and inspire you

 They can mix you up, lift you up, drag you down, raise your hopes or dash them, paint a day bright or dull, make you a million or cost you your life, delight and entertain you or torment and dismay you

 So what are you supposed to do with unwanted, unruly and destructive thoughts; how can you cope with too many – too fast and too disturbing?

 For every thought has a feeling. 

Up and down and round you go, joy and inspiration dissolving into fear, agitation slipping into rage, bitterness staggering back to calm; fun and laughter reappear without invitation leaving suddenly with confidence in tow.

 Your feeling state is everything; your warning bells, your mind meter, your inbuilt direction finder, your unfailing, direct line to wisdom guiding you back to your innate perfection.

 Every day thousands of thought are born in youThousands of potential realities, none of which has a life, a power or a future until you give your attention belief and energy to bring it into form.

Thought, the gift of creativity  bringing to life your life.




What can I say in the face of your tears, your longing,

Your breaking heart?

How can I take your aching, bruised and dented unravelling

And make any sense of any of it?

Your hand in mine is resting, your head on my shoulder resting

You lean on me trusting

And I am quietly waiting, waiting  for you to awaken from this present dream

With all it’s garish and floodlit dismay

With all it’s cruel and clumsy highlights

And knowing that you will return to loving with full-spirited grace

Dance again with joy and gratitude for life and living

Keeps me quiet, still and beside you with your hand soft in mine

It is enough 

Dust in My Eyes

Dust in my eyes


This morning you left without a sound

I woke to find you gone and I was sure that I knew why

Who would stay with one so needy, moody, insecure?

Who could go on living through the ups and downs

The daily dullness, endless sameness, round and round?


I saw more clearly your restless searching

The space that had been growing

Something gnawing at the weakest spots

Of our connection, our glowing commitment

That we made so long ago


Regret, remorse, reality checking

Anger starting, evidence growing

Assassination in my mind

Don’t ever come back it hurts too much

To think of losing you

Which I do all the time


Imagine my surprise

When the key in the lock

Sounded your return

With a rueful look

You came home

With roses

And my purple imaginings

Returned to dust,

From where they came

From the dark and dirty recess

Of a mind that harbours fear


Next time I’ll understand

I’ll thank my fear for reminding me

To simply breathe and wait for the dust to settle

And though it might still make me cry

The tears will be in gratitude





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