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My Poems

Coming Back

Coming Back


Now and then I look at you and see you changed

Not so kind or thoughtful, a little out of tune and frayed

I want you different; I want you with me so close and comforting

But most of all I want you agreeing.

I want you to see the world as I do,

Feel the world as I do

What’s wrong with you?

You upset me so, now and then,

When it feels there’s so little understanding

So little interest

When it feels I am not really here.

And maybe that’s the moment,

The moment when I feel so insecure

That I might begin to hate you,

That shakes me awake

Out of a losing dream and the losing thoughts that crept so silently in

And oh the flooding back of love, of gratitude and joy for all that is beyond

The rusty archive of my collected works

Hello, I’m back

Thank you for waiting.

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