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Do you know what scaffolding is for?

Until I was forty or so I thought that scaffolding was used to hold up a building whilst repairs were made. It looked to me like the metal tubes went into the brickwork and I thought it was very clever that this was possible. One day in passing conversation I learnt the correct use of scaffolding and suddenly I realised that my belief had been rather dumb. It was also hard to see how I could have been so ‘blind’ for so long. I saw that an idea I had simply accepted as true had remained unquestioned and unchallenged for over three decades.
As it happens my life hasn’t been even remotely affected by that misconception and it amuses me now as it seems so ridiculous – hold up a house with some metal poles! I can see that the way I saw the metalwork fitted with what I thought was true.
Other beliefs can be more corrosive, disruptive and unsettling so whilst I happened to find out the truth about scaffolding, and it didn’t really matter anyway, what about all the other thoughts, ideas and beliefs that might be invisibly informing and creating my experiences in areas that do matter?
The point is that what we think creates what we experience – thought brings meaning to our sense perceptions, thought creates our feelings. All our ideas and beliefs are just thoughts that we carry with us, accepted as truths.
Knowing that it is the power of my thought that creates my every moment of experience, whether it is trivial, significant or deeply affecting, is liberating. Will I live with misconceptions in the future? For sure. But I also know that I need leave nothing to chance. The connection between my thoughts and my feelings is absolute and continuously provides me with a 100% reliable and accurate feedback system for what my thinking is doing in any moment.
So when it matters we can tune in to check out the validity of our thinking.

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