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Driving Miss Takenly?

I am always encouraged when I go back to basics and remind myself about the fundamental understanding of the innate wealth of being free, peaceful and connected that lies within us all. The three principles that we embody offer us unlimited potential for personal evolution and transformation. I stay curious, fascinated and rewarded – no credit due for effort, just a deep appreciation and gratitude for the wonderful teacher who invited me to start my own  journey – Dr Roger Mills and for Sydney Banks who shared his own awakening, so wisely and generously.

Understanding how we operate, and how the relationship we have with our own thinking is the foundation for all the experiences we will ever have, results in clarity and peace of mind. We can expect very positive results in all areas of our lives when we act out of such a state of mind.

Our feelings align with our thinking and when we bring our attention to this we begin to see how we ourselves create our own joy and our own misery. The system is flawless and unchanging. We can stop looking out, at what we have always believed to be the culprits of our upsets, and start to see that it is our own interpretation, our own relationship with our own thoughts, that creates our experience of reality.

 Once the clutter of our own past-based, conditioned thinking is exposed, the content ceases to feel so true; we feel better, freer and more relaxed. In the same way that we cannot frighten ourselves by saying ‘boo’ in the mirror, or writing ourselves threatening notes, our thoughts have no independent power to harm us. Our feelings bring unerringly accurate feedback enabling us to guide ourselves with wisdom and common sense. No thought is self-employed but when we don’t know that, it’s as if they were in charge. Our feelings look like they are being created by something or someone ‘outside’ us, leaving us searching for strategies to cope, techniques to practise and vulnerable to everything that we think we have to control in order to have a better experience in life. Exhausting.

 The power of a car engine provides us with transport but we do not believe the car can, or should be, driving us – we understand the system and our relationship to the system, thereby keeping ourselves safe and using it to serve us. Thoughts arise in us with feelings, and it is the latter which informs us about how helpful, or otherwise, our current state of mind is – rather like a sat nav.

 We can act out of the belief that our thoughts themselves have power, and live with familiar and repetitive consequences, or we can awaken to the fact that unless and until we respond to our thoughts they remain neutral potentials. Feelings are not a reflection, interpretation or effect of an external reality but rather the effect of the power of our own thought, which creates a separate and unique reality for each of us, moment to moment.

 So, whether you are familiar with the saloon of worry, the city car of stress, the sports car speeding you through life or the family hatchback of conflict, when you truly remember who it is that gets in, starts the engine and steers, you automatically transform your transport into the car of your dreams on the effortless and peaceful  highway of life.



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