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Dust in My Eyes

Dust in my eyes


This morning you left without a sound

I woke to find you gone and I was sure that I knew why

Who would stay with one so needy, moody, insecure?

Who could go on living through the ups and downs

The daily dullness, endless sameness, round and round?


I saw more clearly your restless searching

The space that had been growing

Something gnawing at the weakest spots

Of our connection, our glowing commitment

That we made so long ago


Regret, remorse, reality checking

Anger starting, evidence growing

Assassination in my mind

Don’t ever come back it hurts too much

To think of losing you

Which I do all the time


Imagine my surprise

When the key in the lock

Sounded your return

With a rueful look

You came home

With roses

And my purple imaginings

Returned to dust,

From where they came

From the dark and dirty recess

Of a mind that harbours fear


Next time I’ll understand

I’ll thank my fear for reminding me

To simply breathe and wait for the dust to settle

And though it might still make me cry

The tears will be in gratitude





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