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Falling in love again

I am inspired by the possibility of seeing beyond what I think I know and opening up a limitless horizon for new experiences especially the potential for falling in love again with everything and everyone. It’s not a doing and it doesn’t require any thought – in fact it is what happens when our thoughts lie down for a moment –  our spirit flies back home.  Our spiritual home is not a place but a state – the state of grace and love. When thought slows down our natural capacity for being present, for appreciating what is and for seeing afresh the beauty in our lives arises automatically. Imagine such a moment within the most familiar and pleasantly mundane.

I looked at you this morning, not a glance but a wondering, fascinated look, a searching curiosity as though enquiring for who you might be beyond what I have made you for me – formed and fashioned out of my imagination, signed and sealed invisibly with some unconsciously wielded stamp of belief.

Yes, I looked at you with the clear unfocused innocence of a child, unselfconsciously drinking in the experience of you, with everything to discover, so much to explore. No past, no future, no comparisons, no knowing. And I found you there, where you always are but on this day, not the same . Not in the detail of your greying hair, nor in our predictable, familiar, easy companionship, although that is a pleasure. But somewhere deeper and fresher, newer and timeless, between the breath and thought, of you and me, beyond the breadth of accumulated knowledge, my library of you and all we so casually uphold between us as our common truths.

And I felt surprise and the sudden rush of fortune as love released thoughtlessly and cleansed my eyes, brought me to you silently, deeply, wordlessly. All description was defied, all knowledge dispersed as I looked at you for no good reason, this morning and fell so completely in love with you as though for the first time.



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