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Hot tips for the Thinking Game

Hot Tips for the Thinking Game      

If you remember the TV show called the Generation Game you’ll recall that contestants had the chance to memorise items passing in front of them on a conveyor belt – cuddly toy, t.v., radio, tea set and so on. On the conveyor belt there were no nasty surprises, broken toys, bags of rubbish so there was nothing to avoid or interfere with the memory game. The items that could be recalled were taken as prizes.


You could liken the conveyor belt on the show to way thoughts appear in our mind. On our own personal conveyor belt of the mind, and in the form of thoughts, what do we find? What if amongst the knowledge, memories, skills and habits that serve us well, and with little effort, there are some that repeatedly pop up bringing feelings that; frighten us, derail us, upset us – the kind of thoughts and feelings that grip us and block the flow, stop the game that is designed to support our optimum functioning. What are we to do?

Unlike the game show we didn’t opt in. Unlike the game show we weren’t shown the ropes or guided through, indeed, we didn’t even know we were born as players in this thinking ‘game’ of life. In this case, the game or ‘system’ of thought, that brings us every experience we will ever have, has choice inbuilt but this has been misunderstood, so we have been left to our own devices trying to figure out how to avoid the fears and grab the successes.

What did we come up with to explain the presence or absence of wellbeing, peace of mind and mental health? Genetics, luck, conditioning, personality, brain chemistry … Until now the search was focused on outside factors that could be seen to be affecting us – evaluated and analysed with over 400 approaches to deal with the problems arising.

But when we view the selection that appears on our personal thought conveyor belt, not as truths, not as inevitabilities, but as possibilities – pure potential – there is our choice. The truth is we cannot see all thought that passes through, thank goodness as there is upward of 100,000, but our feelings will always inform us in which direction we are travelling – towards or away from wisdom. It’s up to us to take our hands off our sets of judgements and criticisms, the acquired self-doubt and fear, let the wobbly table and distorted picture move through so nothing delays or stops the real prizes you seek. Trust your innate intelligence and wisdom, trust your feelings to let the litter and rubbish pass through without interest and see what happens!

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