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‘At Home with the Principles of Innate Health’                      

For deepening your understanding of the inside-out nature of LIFE to live with more ease and joy

Life and relationships can feel like a struggle; arguments and stress can make parenting, marriage and partnerships feel challenging and uncomfortable. Work can feel overwhelming and exhausting…


Learning three simple truths about the way you think, feel and behave can have a dramatic effect. Understanding the system behind the way your mind works offers the key to living with greater ease and less effort..

 ‘At Home with the Principles’ is a two-day mini retreat held in a home from home setting, designed to introduce you to simple truths that can set you free from the labours of a too-busy mind, fear and frustration, and the familiar conflicts this can create in family life.

 Book now and discover where freedom really starts within you

 10.30am – 4.30am

   29th and 30th March * 31st May and 1st April * 28th and 29th June * 23rd and 24th August * 27th and 28th September

(weekdays one to one by arrangement – please call to discuss)

Contact: Sue@principledwellbeing.com or call 07962073056

  Walnut Tree Cottage

Marks Tey

Colchester CO6  1NA

Facilitated by Sue Pankiewicz, the mini-retreats are founded exclusively on The Three Principles. They offer an informal and relaxed opportunity to discover a new paradigm for living. No techniques and nothing to practise, just a simple understanding, insights and realisations. Whether you are new to the Principles or just keep running into thought-created brick walls.

Thousands of people have already benefitted from gaining this new understanding – now it’s your turn.

£375 one to one  £499 (couples) per weekend 

Accommodation by arrangement-please ask



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