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Is life complicated? Really?

Life certainly looks complicated. feels complicated and IS complicated at times. Too much to do, too many people to consider;  worries, challenges and surprises that don’t always please. Sometimes I feel unsettled with the smallest of events on the calendar and yet at the same time I know that there is nothing to feel unsettled about – then I can feel a bit anxious because if I know there’s nothing to worry about then why am I worried. So when insignificant details of my life affect my peace of mind it doesn’t bode well for the ‘big’ things does it?

Many of the clients I work with are primarily seeking peace of mind and they wouldn’t mind a larger and more reliable dose of happiness as well! We never start by trying to ‘uncomplicate’ life, we don’t analyse what already exists and we don’t look back through the events of the past in the hope of resolving long-standing issues. Many have tried various routes that try those approaches and many more techniques besides and end up looking for something simpler that ‘works’, easily and long-term.

When I discovered the three principles back in 2004 I was just the same. After counselling, hypnotherapy and Nero-linguistic programming (and training as a practitioner in the latter two) I was looking for something else and I knew I wanted it to be simple.

An understanding of the principles gave me an insight into how the ‘human’ system works, how we  think and feel our way through life.

How did that help?

Firstly it gave me great relief, I instantly saw how it is my use of my own ability to think that either kept me free or created mental chains and barriers – that range of troubling feelings I was always so concerned with and anxious to deal with. Secondly I learned that those very troubling feelings are, in fact, my own unique and unfailing guide to how I am doing with the thoughts I  have moment to moment. They are my feedback system and once understood differently they are a wonderful innate human resource that I can be mindful of as a help to navigating my way through day to day living. Thirdly I realised that this system is universal to all people and therefore understanding more about myself and the freedom I could enjoy would enable me to help others too.

Our thinking gets very busy at times, there is a lot to attend to at times, and because we have been conditioned to look outside of ouselves for the causes of our upset or angry feelings we have been pointed in the opposite direction to the true source of solutions. Not one single feeling can arise in us that doesn’t come via our own thought power. We are literally living in the experience of our own thinking – and that is where our freedom starts – in understanding the power of thought. When schedules, people, time, money, the past etc are no longer seen as the source of our feelings we gain access to all the innate resources we already have that can really help us. Creativity, wisdom, common sense, logic and reasoning are all we need to live peacefully and they arise naturally in the absence of blame, accusation, anxiety and efforts to control external aspects.

Somtimes life is complicated with numerous arrangements, responsibilities, people and tasks but the most resourceful state we could imagine lies within us all which keeps it very SIMPLE!



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