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“It’s Behind You”

Life is just like a pantomime at times. Some things are out of sight, and no matter how many people helpfully point out what they can see, that we can’t, we often carry on cavorting around like the Dame looking and looking. The only thing that is out of sight of course, is the thinking that is unseen to us. Fortunately we can thank our audience for their efforts whilst we allow our own autopilot to reorient us. When we know that Keeping Calm and Carrying On is our default setting, regardless of the baying of the crowd/our noisy inner dialogue/our brain library of acquired information and advice/the way it looks in the moment, we can allow ourselves to automatically access the resoucefulness, confidence and peace of mind from whence wisdom, insight and creativity flow.

When the wicked step-mother locks you in the cellar so you can’t get to the ball, or your partner has tidied up and your car keys have vanished from the place where you know you left them, what’s to be done?

Feelings will always immediately reflect our thinking back to us and thus we get an experience of the situation accordingly. It’s marvellous – if you get it! If you don’t, you can get your loved ones mixed up with a wicked villain of the peace, which might feel as confusing as a tragi-comedy-drama-farce. Looking for anything in a burst of anger and fiery temper doesn’t usually help. Bruising your knuckles on the door hurts whilst running the tape of angry abuse internally or through a loudspeaker creates emotional and physical havoc for you on top of the original situation.

What’s ‘behind you’ is a simple understanding hidden under the mass of what you have learned to do in response to particular feelings. Lost keys=late=disaster=failure=stress=badtidypartner=ANGER Grrrrrr Clarity exists in the absence of such noise: Lost keys=lookforthem. And whether you discover them in your other coat pocket, in the fridge accidently hooked onto a string bag of brussel sprouts, at work with your beloved, or you don’t find them at all until much later, you need not suffer more than inconvenience. Understanding feelings as our own perfect feedback system always illuminating our state of mind is a whole lot different to believing feelings are a truthful guide to a situation and must be acted on.

Being Boo’d or applauded, getting a custard pie in the face or marrying the hero/heroine can happen but nothing outside of you can cause a feeling inside of you which makes real pantomimes and real life so much safer and much more fun.

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