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Learning to Crash

Learning to Crash!

I was thinking about the number of people who experience really big ‘highs’ when they first came across the Three Principles understanding, maybe lasting for days and even weeks. They find themselves laughing, crying, relaxing with everything, positive, and generally free of habitual negative thinking that they were used to and that had previously seemed so real and true.

And I wondered why it was that, so often, many people subsequently experience a kind of ‘come down’, and feel that they have crash-landed right back where they started, which gives rise to thinking that the Principles don’t work, or they were a mirage. And it can feel so awful, so disappointing.

What occurs to me now is that this full-on experience of joy, freedom, confidence and hope, that reflects such a high level of consciousness, offers us gifts way beyond the gift of that first experience. It reminds us of our true self and familiarises us with our innate health and capacity for all that is already within us. We experience what we already have and it teaches us that, if we listen for wisdom, it’s there. It is not a ‘result’ it is a new possibility of us opening up to a new life.

We learn that no thought is permanent and therefore no feeling state can be – that too is part of the gift; to realise that the human experience is one thought after another, one corresponding feeling after another. But in that heady glimpse of home, we feel truth beyond our conditioned eyes and ears and thus we begin to perceive something new about being human: that it is a loving and safe existence and that nothing can damage, diminish or destroy our spirit and soul. Our journey is unfolding.

So we can learn to ‘crash’ and be grateful for it!

We can prepare people for this possibility and encourage them to stay in the conversation whatever occurs.
When we have the chance to work with and support people going through this experience we can be with them as friend and mentor, sharing our understanding that there’s nothing to do about mood swings and feeling shifts
We can talk about how this understanding looks in the direction of how life works, and not towards the pursuit of happiness.

I see that for me, that first liberation, whilst not as heady as some describe, was simply perfect for me. At last I recognised ‘the feeling’, beyond words and concepts and acquisition as opposed to ‘those feelings’ that had always confused me. The rest is a history of ups and downs but in a gentle upward direction that leaves me with feelings of deep gratitude for it all, the crashes, the lows, the ‘lostness’ and ‘foundness’ and of course the saturation of love.

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