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Moving Home not Away

Mind- your new address


Choosing to move home is more often than not a big deal. We have reasons to explain why we are motivated to face the upheaval, the expense and the uncertainty.

We find a new home and there is a system that whirs into action even as all sorts of questions arise; what will it be like to live in that neighbourhood, will I be happy there, am I making the right decision?


Leaving the familiarity of everything we know about our immediate surroundings and the apparent security of that knowing can be unsettling. Whether we have longed for a new home, or it is the next step of our life’s progress, we can still feel doubt and uncertainty about the unknown aspects of this change. Moving towards a more peaceful, clearer and freer way of being can be similar. We want to live in peace of mind and leave behind the troublesome and self-limiting mindsets that all too often get in the way.


It seems to me that when we see the possibility of moving into clearer and more peaceful mindsets, despite the fact that we may have longed for an escape route from mental and emotional difficulties, or have simply chosen to explore a new way of being, we can still have doubts about what it will really be like if we give up what we know, to move from one to the other.


Will I fit? What if it’s a mistake, isn’t ‘real’ and idoesn’t work? What if I’m wrong, delusional? How can I be sure? What if…..?


Until we live into possibility, into the unknown, it remains just that and we stand wondering and trying to peek in. If we wait for a guarantee, we stay waiting. However, there are no real guarantees where we are right now and we don’t have absolute certainty. Looking back we took all kinds of risks and chances. But when it’s all feels so familiar, when we know which doors don’t shut properly, where the draughts and leaks are, how to jiggle the key so the front door opens, it can look like these aspects of our daily life offer some form of security. ‘Better the devil you know…’


Doubt may come knocking, uncertainty may arise and insecurity could pop up. You could call off the move, stay where you are now, dismiss your new ideas and maybe buy a new draught excluder. It’s not a question of right or wrong, whether to stay or to move, it’s more a question of choice. It’s a safe and rewarding choice to see your doubts and fears as self-created and to carry on regardless. When you move house you take your ‘home’ with you and in this case you really are just moving back home.

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