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Off the Ropes

Off the Ropes


I’ve been wrestling with you for a while

My thought companions

If I didn’t know better

I’d think you were fighting back


If I didn’t know better

I’d think you were real


So after this round I may give in

I may give up

I may slip away –

If you turn your back

For a second


You can’t choke the life in me

Stifle the joy in me

Sidestep, swipe and suppress

Every ounce of freedom in me

– Without me


I’m talking to me

There’s no sense in it

Fighting with me

There’s no blessing in it

I’m making both of us up

The you and the me

Off the Ropes 

And now our match is over

No losers, scars or wounds

A letting go of trying

A loosening of grip

Off the ropes and peace at last


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