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‘Space for Connection V’ February 2015

There is no Space for Connection planned for 2016 but please stay tuned for news of the next one…..

“My own awareness and confidence has increased significantly, have found new ideas, new networks and new inspiration”

 ‘Space for Connection V’

Space for Connection I, II  III and IV were wonderful events and here is

‘S f C: V’ February 20th (eve) 21st and 22nd, 2015

Best Western Hotel Marks Tey


Essex   CO6 1DU

 “Perfect networking opportunity, learning and being humbled by other people’s stories and wisdom”

What is Space for Connection?


A 2-day retreat to share, develop and celebrate our  Principle based understanding, work, courses, projects and visions, with an agenda which gives enough space to unfold our creative potential and close connection. A perfect listening place.


You may be in the business of sharing your understanding of the Principles; wish to hang out in a space where we have in common, a desire to spread this understanding as widely as possible in order to effect the transformations in individuals, communities, society, families, education … that we know is possible


You may just have a sense of the potency of being together with others who are enjoying their lives differently with an on-going deepening of The Three Principles;  you want to explore  the simplicity of connection with others, the deep innate feeling of being comfortable in your own skin and you don’t mind keeping it light, fun and full of laughter.

You may have heard about Space for Connection from someone else and aren’t sure why you would benefit from such a seemingly playful weekend but nevertheless feel curious. If this is true,how about letting curiosity go in front of intellect, it worked wonders in our early years.

There is no template that can beat an open space for natural learning, the experience of profound shifts, the deep feeling of oneness and there is no reason to to doubt our flow of creativity and inspiration, moment to moment, brought to this weekend with love.

During this weekend we can deepen our own understanding by being part of a conversation that has, as a given, an understanding of the profound nature of the Principles. We can create new     links with each other, offer and gain support, share our experiences and expertise and strengthen our position by having an overview of what is happening Europe-wide.


 For those who wish to facilitate a group, lead an exploration, showcase your work and any research results there will be an opportunity. For those who just wish to participate in what we are sure will be a very potent, rich and fertile two days that is also possible. It offers an ideal opportunity for anyone who is interested at any level to come along and experience first-hand the power and potential of this understanding. This Space for Connection retreat is simply that – a coming together in close association with one another to see what we might share and create for the greater good of the world.  

The intention is to create a space where connections crystallize at the heart-level, and where inspiration and magic occur. It’s the safe space of being with like-minded people who speak the same language and who all aim for the same ……. to feel connected and become inspired……


 Each time we gather in this ‘magical’ space, as a diverse group, ranging from experienced facilitators to brand new explorers, one thing is tangible and that is the feeling. The essential feeling is always of connection beyond factors of form and description; a glimpse, an insight,a realisation, both personal and universal, of what the late Sydney Banks,with his wisdom, truth and humility, gifted to the world

 Places are limited to allow time for everyone to meet each other in a relaxed and unhurried way.


 The ‘come and go’, be in the moment space this created allowed everyone to be at ease and in touch with freedom to express themselves as occurs – where else can any of us say this happens? In fact this may be so foreign to normal expectations of  ‘organised’ events’ that it really is a case of ‘come and see for yourself.”

 Places are limited to allow time for everyone to meet each other in a relaxed and unhurried way.

 My quote of the week, “ I wish I could live with these people forever”

August 2014……

There’s something about the space we create that allows people to drop their ID, check for safety, find it and then flower. It’s a real gift to give to people and it’s beautiful to be part of.


Some of the nicest conversations came out of  ‘non-principles chats – genuine connection and conversations from the love/compassion/understanding we share. Seeing people come into their own – evident transformations


Extremely relaxed -Acceptance of everyone -Very insightful – Accelerated 3Principles learning curve-New connections-Humour and lightness -A significant amount of uncovering how life works.


                                                                                                   “Great concept

Great people

Good food

Good value

Good venue

I enjoyed it”


Residential and non-Residential Participants welcome

Residential: £ 280

Non-Residential £165 (£83 for one day)


  • Arrival from 2pm Friday 20th February with two nights’ accommodation in private guest room
  • Saturday and Sunday breakfast, two-course buffet lunch, three-course gourmet evening meal, morning and afternoon refreshment breaks
  • full use of the spa and gym facilities.       
  • Non-Residential: 
  • Arrival from 9.30am for 10.00am start on Saturday and Sunday,
  • morning and afternoon refreshment breaks,   two-course lunch (option to book separately for dinner with the group)

Payment options:

 A  deposit of £50 with booking secures your place – details for payment of remainder will be sent with your confirmation and welcome email. Or full payment on booking 


Payment details


A cheque made payable to ‘Principled Wellbeing’, Walnut Tree Cottage, Motts Lane, Marks Tey, Colchester CO61NA 

Or Direct bank payment to HSBC Principled Wellbeing, Sort code –  401804, Account –  12279541 Ref SfCIV


Feel free to contact us:

Sue Pankiewicz      Sue@principledwellbeing.com


You are welcome to bring cards, leaflets and any other information about yourself, your business/events you wish to share

If you have friends or family who you would love to introduce to this understanding, to allow them to gain insights about the nature of innate health, as well as finally working out what you ‘do’, don’t hesitate to offer them this opportunity!

 Spa facilities  Swimming Gym Sauna Steam

Venue details:   http://www.bestwestern.co.uk/hotels/marks-tey-hotel-colchester-83881/hotel-info/default.aspx 




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