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Christopher K

Sue provides a thoroughly thoughtful perspective in dealing with life’s trials and tribulations by means of the Three Principles. The approach is compassionate, understanding and revolves around each individual’s ability to understand their feelings are purely a function of their thoughts. A person’s success in coming to terms with their adversity will be dependent upon how rapidly they can process this concept. Sue has an innate ability to facilitate the idea and to that effect I am truly grateful to her. She comes highly recommended!

Christopher Knight

Jane E

I love the way Sue share’s the Principles. She has a lovely manner and imparts just the right amount of humour. Her willingness to share her own experiences lends realness to what she’s teaching.

Sue enabled what was very much an intellectual understanding, gradually transform into an awakening as to how we actually experience all of life and see that I already had all that I was searching for so desperately and for that I will always be grateful.

 Jane Ellis



Dave L

Sense of peace I haven’t felt in a long time.

Jamie M

Your grounding in the P’s (Principles) is infectious and lovely to experience.I thoroughly enjoyed the day. I’ve come away with some new insights which I know will change my experience of life…

Carol B

It will help me realise that the way I may foresee events in the future are just my thoughts and are not the truth…therefore stop worrying about them.

Shelley T

Had some great insights to do with getting lost in thoughts and how this happens.I’m learning to trust the understanding rather than questioning and over-thinking ideas. I’m very pleased I attended..

Ian W

A very enjoyable and insightful weekend…a number of ah-ha moments have landed for me

Katie G

I have found the answer which is the 3 principles. The most constructive two days I have ever had. I hope the word of the 3 principles spreads very fast as i feel the world would be a better place if this was put in place

Katherine D

I loved the positive nature of it…I will also try to share with my children as what a gift that would be if they could go through life knowing and understanding the principles

Lynelle L

Beautiful, simple and peaceful. Learning that it all comes from within me is life-changing.

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