Facilitating Transformation – Solutions for Parents, Teenagers and Children

Kharren B

I loved every moment of the weekend. It cleared my vision and helped me to understand myself more.

Windsor M Musician

I enjoyed experiencing the course for the second time and was moved by some of the visible transformations

Corinne C

Thank you for giving me the power of thought. I do feel so much more in control of my thoughts and empowered by my knowledge of discovering tools and inner strengths I didn’t realise I already had

Sally S

The presentation was very calm and that calmness radiated out to everyone else

David W

A thoroughly enjoyable course delivered in an excellent manner

Lorna W

You have such a wonderful way of putting the information across, very clear and uncomplicated

Jayne T

When is the next course… I know so many people that would benefit from the three principles. I certainly have noticed subtle changes

Alex D

It’s such an inspiration and gives one the understanding to actually have the power to be in the now and feel happy. I loved the week-end and found it definitely helped in everyday life. I don’t seem to get so upset or wound up about things – so marvellous!!

Camilla C

It was wonderful – I wish there were more people like you doing the same thing around the country. Thank you. 

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