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Thousands of Thoughts

Every day thousands of thoughts are born in you

They flow through your mind, without ever stopping or running out

They can drift and meander gently, roar through, get stuck, build up, crash into and contradict each other, punish and torment you, amuse and inspire you

 They can mix you up, lift you up, drag you down, raise your hopes or dash them, paint a day bright or dull, make you a million or cost you your life, delight and entertain you or torment and dismay you

 So what are you supposed to do with unwanted, unruly and destructive thoughts; how can you cope with too many – too fast and too disturbing?

 For every thought has a feeling. 

Up and down and round you go, joy and inspiration dissolving into fear, agitation slipping into rage, bitterness staggering back to calm; fun and laughter reappear without invitation leaving suddenly with confidence in tow.

 Your feeling state is everything; your warning bells, your mind meter, your inbuilt direction finder, your unfailing, direct line to wisdom guiding you back to your innate perfection.

 Every day thousands of thought are born in youThousands of potential realities, none of which has a life, a power or a future until you give your attention belief and energy to bring it into form.

Thought, the gift of creativity  bringing to life your life.

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